Thursday, July 10, 2008


His name is Mr. KEN MIKE, he is a Senior Accountant in abranch of a Bank in Nigeria, in West Africa. Hi is a Christian. He does not want problems but he just hopes I can assist him. He wrote me a letter in good faith.

He is in control of the sum of Fifty Million US Dollars ($50 000,000.00) which was an excess of profit made by his regional eastern branch office in the last year, year 2007, which he has carefully Deposited in one security company, that have branch in eruope.

He can really trust me to hold this money for him until he arrives in my country and picks it up. He will deduct 20% of the total money as my commission. I accepted his offer and I contacted him immediately.

All he needs is for me to receive the money for him and pay it into my account in my bank. He discretly gave me all the information concerning the money so that I can contact the security company for the release of the money. There is practically no risk involved. I understand his situation.

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