Friday, August 8, 2008

My ticket number 025 11464992-750

My name attached to ticket number 025 11464992-750 with serial number
2113-05 drew the lucky number 19-28-30-36-39-41, which consequently won the
lottery in the 3rd category.
I have therefore been approve for the lump sum pay out of € 2,547,000.87 (Two Million Five Hundred And Forty Seven Thousand Eighty Seven cents.) in cash credit to the file REF: LP/26510460037/04. This is from a total prize of € 26,299,000.00 I share among the seventeen (17) International winners in this category.

My fund is now deposited with a Security Fairm EURO FREEDOM FINANCE. Due to the mixed up of some numbers and names, I have to keep this award a top secret from the public notice until my prize money is remitted to my account as this is a part of the Security protocol to avoid double claiming award.

I was selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 names from Australia, USA, Europe, Asia ,New Zealand, Middle-East and South-North America.

I contacted the issuing authority, my prize claim agent, Mr. Brown Douglas, (Foreign Service Manager) for processing and remittance of my prize money to a designated account of my choice.

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