Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Database (The Database That Bill Gates Didn't want me to know about!!!)

My free database software does not make me feel like a dummy.

I received my free 30 day full working copy of my award winning database so I can decide for myself. I see why PC World describes my product as being "an elegant, powerful database that is easier than Access" and why InfoWorld says my database "leaves MS Access in the dust".

My powerful BUT useable database solves my business and personal information management needs.

With my database I easily:
- Manage my scheduling, my contacts, my mailings
- Organize my billing, my invoicing, my receivables, my payables
- Track my inventory, my equipment and my facilities
- Manage my customer information, my service, my employee, my medical, and my school records
- Keep track and report on my projects, my maintenance and much more...

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