Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Brand New Free Satellite

I was given a Brand New Free Satellite!

FREE Satellite T.V. System and FREE Installation

For a limited time I was given the top of the line Digital
Satellite System for FREE! I even got Free installation.

I enjoy over 500 Channels of crystal clear digital picture and
cd stereo sound on my FREE Satellite TV System. Why pay
for these items in a retail store, when I can have the
same satellite package for free.

My Innovative 20" Satellite includes a stereo receiver and
an infrared remote. With my FREE offer I have both
Interactive Television Capability and an On Screen Program Guide.

My limited time FREE offer is much less than the monthly cost
of cable tv. All I had to do is call to arrange delivery.

I Begun surfing through 500 Channels Today!

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