Monday, December 1, 2008

My site

I Got My Site Submited To

Over 900

Search Engines, Directories, & Indices

For A "One Time Cost" Of Only $39.95

It Immediately Increased My Site Exposure

For Less Than 4 Cents Each I Submited My
Web Site To Over 900 Of The Net's Hottest Search
Engines, Directories & Indices.

If my site isn't listed in the Search Engines,
how can people find me to buy my products
and services?

For just $39.95 I got the work load taken off my
back instead of me trying to do it manually which
can take days to do.

My time is
best utilized managing my business and not
sitting at some keyboard hours upon hours
trying to save less than 4 cents for each
submission. I saw how it's kind of crazy to try
to tackle this on my own. It's just not
cost effective to try to do this myself to
save just $39.95.

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