Monday, October 27, 2008

My Biomasse International, Inc. stocks

This week BIMS will be profiled by some major analysts and newsletters along with the release of significant news regarding explosive sales for the Company. There will be huge volume and a strong increase in price for several days. The same groups that featured VIFL will begin coverage on BIMS. VIFL exploded from $1.37 to $5.25 in 10 days!! I know for certain that the same groups are going to feature BIMS and I expect even better returns!

I will make a profit out of it. I will take a position in BIMS today before the market closes.

My stock could easily reach $5.00 in less than a month on the strength of their upcoming contract announcements and STRONG ANALYST BUY RECOMMENDATION.

When word gets out.this stock will SOAR


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