Saturday, October 18, 2008

My system

*My system allows me to win over $500 each and every day that I play it in the casino.
*Not only that, but I play the system on paper and verify the results for myself before I risk my cash.
*My system is derived from basic research by one of the Nation's top scientist Dr. Kelly from Bell Labratories.
*My system is based on Kelly's research and is simpler to use than any card
counting system.
*I use the same techniques to play Black-Jack, Craps, and Roulette.
*My system is simple. I have nothing to keep track of, no pads or pencils, and nothing to memorize.
*My system is based on sound principles.
*My system constantly generates $500 day in and day out.
*This is not a get rich quick business but simply a rewarding way for me to leave the Casino a winner.
*My Craps system always takes full double odds.
*My Black-Jack system does not require any card counting.
*My Roulette sytem even tells me where to find single zero

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