Friday, October 17, 2008

My surf

I earn USD$1,000+ / mth simply to surf! I withdraw my money instantly worldwide through my debit card!

I Get Paid Simply to Surf the Net!
I Got an Instant Download of Surfing Software!
I Get Paid Down 6 levels! Deepest among others!
I receive my monthly payment via electronic transfer to my debit Card and withdraw my money at any ATM machine worldwide! No Delay!
I earn money when I run any programs as long as I am connected to the net!

I came across an Internet advertising company that pays me not only surfing the net but when I run other programs too. As long as I am connected to the net, I GET PAID; whilst others similar opportunities require me to actively use my browser in order to
get paid.

I just have to run a simple little software application that sits on my computer, displaying ads and counting my money when I go online. My application is no bigger than a typical banner ad, and I can move it around anywhere on my screen, so it really isn't too distracting. The software can be minimize/close at anytime I like.

My Payout are as follows: -
Me - USD$0.50 per hour
1st level - USD$0.10 per hour
2 to 6 level - USD$0.02 per hour

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